Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello! It's Dmitri Not Mom

Ohhh I feel so special! Usually it's mom posting about me but today it's actually me! It is not Leopold it is Dmitri. Mom made an agreement on the blog. Dmitri gets one day, Leopold gets the next day. You all probably know me. Mom got me March 7, 2009. If you were a follower of Cat Palooza, you can just follow here too. Mom says she will continue though with Cat Palooza so don't get scared! Mom didn't want no one knowing but she has Whooping Cough. She sounds like a dog and I get really scared when she coughs. She is so embarrased. So am I. It is really freaky. Harry Spotter is my new friend. He is a Sphynx. For the newcomers "Mom" is Jingles. Really cool blog he's got there. I am hungry so I guess it is off to the food bowl after that cuddle with Mom!


Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Oh no. Whooping cough is not fun. We feel sorry for you. You're not going to get any quality rest till your Mom gets over it.

The Creek Cats said...

Hiya furiends! We've added you to our blog list!

Sending your mom lots of healing vibes!

The Crew said...

It's nice that you guys have your own blog now. Sharing with your human is OK for a while, but we cats have lots to say and need our OWN blogs!!