Monday, November 30, 2009

Momma Isn't Doing So Good

Hello everyone! Momma had a good trip to New Orleans visiting her grandparents except for two things: there was horrible traffic coming back in Baton Rouge and Momma's Whooping Cough is back and here to stay. She was in the car last night she told me and she was doing okay but when she got out of Baton Rouge she was whooping like crazy. She barely slept all night and cuddled with me. She got a new printer, so she can start scanning my baby pictures for all of you to see. She didn't set it up yet though. Dmitri was sick last night because Momma had bought some new kind of food but that didn't work out good. He had bad diarrhea all last night and a little bit this morning but, Momma went to the store this morning and got him his regular food and now he is all better. I was sleeping very peacefully earlier but then I thought I heard a big dog but it was Momma. I ran under her bed and didn't come out for like an hour. She is very scary when she coughs. We recieved our first Christmas Card today from One Cats Nip! Thanks so much! Please check out Momma's other blog:! Thanks!

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Black Friday and Mom Isn't Happy About That

Happy Black Friday! Mom cannot stand hearing commercials about stupid Black Friday. She absolutley HATES it. The worst part is when you hear about how some lady gets killed or almost killed trying to get into Walmart. Yeah. She won't leave the house but we have no food in the house because she cooked it all and we don't have that much to last the whole week. The whole family shares leftovers with everyone. Leopold and I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving though. Mom has decided to create another blog. You can visit it at If we didn't tell you, Mom was trying to scanning pictures of baby Leopold she got a BUNCH! She took them all out the photo albums and turned on the scanner and it was broken. Yeah so she is busy trying to fix that now. We might not have any posts tomorrow or over the weekend because Mom got that Windows 7 update thing in the mail yesterday so she put it in last night and it said it would take some hours. Like 5! It may not seem llike a lot but she's going to the store even though she doesn't want to and that takes her like two hours. Gotta get ready and stuff so oh wait. It is Friday huh?! Well never mind. The other reason is because Mom is going to New Orleans this weekend to go visit her grandparents so she will be very busy again. Well please do visit Mom's new blog at She really needs it. We hope you all have a SAFE Black Friday and weekend. Try not to get trampled!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Today Dmitri and I are sharing the post! We are thankful for belleh rubs, temptations, nice family, all things warm and cuddly, and everything else! Here are some pictures to get you into the Thanksgiving mood!

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!

So sorry everyone for not posting anything yesterday! Mom was getting ready for Thanksgiving and getting her Chrsitmas cards ready! She started cooking today and hopes what she makes is good. Mom was going through her photo albums today and was pulling out a bunch of pictures to start scanning them and guess what happened?! Her scanner is broken. Nothing will go to the stupid computer. Mom likes to read us stories alot. So today she read us The Small One by Alex Walsh. It was good but I don't think she knows that we really aren't paying attention. Here is a picture of the book. It is a children's book about this little boy who has a old donkey named Small One and he has to sell it because it cannot work anymore so he sells it Joseph, foster father of Jesus. I pretty much slept through the whole thing but what I heard was good. It is a Christmas book though. I have not been breaking anymore ornamnets by the way. Mom told me if I broke anymore that I wou;dn't have anymore snacks, but I know that's not true because I'm so darn cute!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom is NOT Happy!

As you know, Momma started getting ready for Christmas; well Dmitri and I are in big trouble. Momma put up all of the trees yesterday and today but while she was taking a nap Dmitri decided to be bad and break one of Momma's ornaments. Dmitri did it though. She doesn't have a picture yet of the tree but when she gets one she'll make sure to post it. It was a little gopher skiing and it was looking up at a sign but Dmitri swatted it with his paw and broke it! But that's not all. Momma has this pretty glass bulb, it is crimson and addicting to look at it. Well, Dmitri got curious and again swatted it with his paw and it is broken! Dmitri is a very bad boy! I am not sure though how Dmitri got up the tree and swatted it. He must've jumped on the settee and hit it from there because he is not active whatsoever! Here is another random picture that has nothing to with today's post because we've got no pictures to show you about this. Momma went to the aquarium and I think that this big catfish looks yummy! Look!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Mom today started getting ready for Christmas today. Since this is my first Christmas with her I am very excited! Mom was decorating the tree today and I was lying underneath it and Leopold was taking all of the ornaments off. She got upset because she has OCD and it has too be perfect. She was finally able last night to sleep throughout the whole night. I got underneath the covers and snuggled up with Mom. She told me this morning I purred real loud. She's got this electric blanket thing and it is heaven! Leopold likes it a lot too. But I like to sleep by her feet and Leopold takes all of her covers and her pillows. Sometimes she has to sleep on the floor because of us. There really isn't a picture needed for today and an explanation but here is a random picture of this handsome cat Twinkle. I know the name sounds girly but a little boy named him that. This is his brother Oliver. Mom thinks he is a Lilac point Birman. He is very big, handsome, and fluffy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look at Me!

Sorry everyone for Momma not posting for really two days. She was finally able to fall asleep but she wakes up everyone 15 minutes later. She's doing a little better. This day as you know is supposed to be Dmitri's day as you know but Momma skipped yesterday. Momma took this picture last week. It's not the best picture of me. Kind of blurry. I think what Momma likes about this picture is how you can see my tongue. A little weird but I kind of like it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Update on Mom

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my brother's post yesterday! Mom wants to thank you all for your care and concern comments! She isn't really doing better but she got some machine yesterday called a Nebulizer. It is really loud and scary. The worst part is though is that she cannot sleep whatsoever! She finally fell asleeep at 5 a.m to 6 a.m but couldn't even sleep the whole time. She only fell asleep for 15 minutes of that time! Her eyes are all black. She didn't get a chance last night to scan the pictures last night so she apologizes. She promises that she will do it today. She had to give Leopold and I a bath last night because Leopold had fleas! Mom was not up to it but she had to do it! I had a couple of fleas but Leopold had a LOT. Leopold doesn't mind getting wet that much but I HATE getting wet. I guess it was worth it though. No more fleas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Y Halo Thar! Im Leopold!

Hello everyone! Momma never really blogged about me because I like to hide and sometimes she cannot find me! I weigh the same as my handsome brother Dmitri; but I am white and an American Shorthair! I like to eat, but usually Dmitri eats it all up first. He is always hungry. Momma says thank you for the comments of care and concern of her Whooping Cough. She mskes me really scared when she coughs. She isn't doing much better. She stayed up all night and morning till 5 a.m. coughing. It is so loud though. I know she can't help it but it gets kind of annoying. I was sleeping in Momma's room last night and Dmitri decided last night that he wanted to fight with me to see who would get to the food nowl first. Momma filled that bowl up and it was on. Of course Dmitri won- I am a scaredy cat. Momma will start putting pictures up on our blog tomorrow because her scanner needs to be fixed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello! It's Dmitri Not Mom

Ohhh I feel so special! Usually it's mom posting about me but today it's actually me! It is not Leopold it is Dmitri. Mom made an agreement on the blog. Dmitri gets one day, Leopold gets the next day. You all probably know me. Mom got me March 7, 2009. If you were a follower of Cat Palooza, you can just follow here too. Mom says she will continue though with Cat Palooza so don't get scared! Mom didn't want no one knowing but she has Whooping Cough. She sounds like a dog and I get really scared when she coughs. She is so embarrased. So am I. It is really freaky. Harry Spotter is my new friend. He is a Sphynx. For the newcomers "Mom" is Jingles. Really cool blog he's got there. I am hungry so I guess it is off to the food bowl after that cuddle with Mom!